My friends Anne and Harry struggle to break the thickest of chocolate bars.

We move with grace and focus when Rita arrives. I know ‘feeding time at the zoo’ is cliche, but it fits. Mother Rita had us popping out of out chairs today.

Rita also takes care of the front desk. Here she is, generosity in action.

Now for the Buffet Report:

A sampling of flat breads with delicious things baked inside. (No picture. Gone before I came in.)
Time to be consumed (TTBC): 12 minutes.

There were a lovely assortment of slaws and a potato salad. Not Rita’s though. I didn’t catch where they came from but they were wonderful.
TTBC: 6 hours.

Then the apple cake.
TTBC: 18 minutes.

And, then came a delicious treat from Carolyn — it had pecans, the flakiest pastry, with gooey sweet cinnamon — like Cinnamon Bun meets Apple Pie. Bravo. Everyone loved it.
TTBC: 5 minutes.

And, as if the day wasn’t over yet, Pierre, back from fishing with old friends, offers smoked trout!
TTBC: 15 minutes. It was savoured.

Did I mention I took up jogging?
TTBC: 30 minutes, three times a week.